CSS is the language that makes Internet websites look different; CSS Hero is a convenient WYSIWYG theme editor for WordPress that will help you make visual changes to your website through a click interface (rather than coding); CSS Hero The required CSS code will be automatically generated and deployed to your website after saving.

The clean visual interface will enable you to quickly take advantage of advanced CSS features such as backgradius gradients, and is equipped with small helper tools, which will make your life easier without having to remember values, copy and paste color codes. You will find almost all CSS properties in CSS Hero, including preset properties, color selectors, and shadow generators. You can try everything immediately to further expand the boundaries of CSS knowledge.

If you are a novice or a CSS professional, then you will love what CSS Hero can do.

Official website: https://www.csshero.org/

Official purchase: https://www.csshero.org/buy-now/

Official price: starting at $29
Responsive customization

CSS Hero allows you to easily edit, preview and control how the website is displayed on desktops and handheld devices. Use standard breakpoints or your custom breakpoints.

The perfect combination with your favorite WordPress tools

CSS Hero is suitable for any WordPress theme and plugin, and can help you visually customize all website elements from header to footer.

Full control of the appearance of your website

Just hover your mouse over it, click on the element you want to edit, and adjust it to meet your needs, running in real time!

Font style and typography

You can use your own fonts to add knowledge of the class, and there are a large number of Google fonts at your fingertips for you to choose from. TypeKit fonts are also supported.

Color management

Use the color picker to try unprecedented real-time color and background changes. Hero can also store the colors you have recently used and help establish a consistent color palette.

Adjustment measures

Easily adjust the margins and padding of elements: just drag the slider and see what happens.

UnSplash integration

Have you ever thought of almost unlimited sources of high-quality, royalty-free amazing pictures at your fingertips? We have covered you.

Complex CSS becomes simple

Enhance your website elements: creating gradients, box shadows, text shadows, and all modern CSS properties are now all things to point and click.

Ready-made fragments

Pre-made editable style combinations can enhance your creativity with one click!

Undo/redo history

We all design through experiments. Ouch! Do you need to cancel it? Don’t panic CSS Hero will automatically store all edits in the detailed history list. Moving back and forth in the history step is as simple as clicking the “Undo\Redo” button.

No vendor lock-in

Export your work as CSS, LESS, JSON data: You can immediately export site personalization settings and download them to a file for backup.

CSS code editor

View, optimize and edit the generated CSS code, while you can quickly debug your work as needed. new!

Undocumented style

While styling your website, you can also see the appearance of users who are not logged in at a glance. new!

Style landing page

Setting the style of the WordPress login page has always been painful, no need to bother, now you can easily style it with CSS Hero. new!

Save checkpoint

Store your edit snapshots instead of publishing them in real time, store different versions, choose the version you like and publish.

Safe and non-destructive editing

CSS Hero is a real-time WordPress theme editor that works without modifying any theme files. It is widely compatible with many environments and is designed to be light and affordable.

Does not degrade performance

From a technical point of view, CSS Hero only generates and enables a static additional CSS style sheet that will completely cover the original style sheet of the theme.

CSS Hero will not actually change the theme/plug-in files in any way. Turn off the plug-in, and the appearance of your website will be restored to the way it was before installing this tool. It is 100% safe.

Unsplash integration

Finding great images has never been easier. Thanks to Unsplash, you can enjoy amazing, royalty-free high-quality images from [almost] unlimited sources for you to use in your projects.

Search by keyword, select an image and size, and then immediately apply it as a background image for any website element.

You can control the Inspector 100%

The complete CSS/LESSCSS editor has a real-time rendering function for additional control of your customization items.
Add your extra rules, copy\paste, and easily export your work with one click.

Hello ? animation

Easily apply scroll animation to any element on the page. Choose from a variety of animations and easing effects. Included since CSS HERO 3.4

CSS是使互联网网站看起来与众不同的语言;CSS Hero是用于WordPress的方便的所见即所得主题编辑器,它将帮助您通过点击界面(而不是编码)对网站进行视觉更改;CSS Hero将自动生成所需的CSS代码,并在保存后将其部署到您的网站。

干净的视觉界面将使您能够快速利用诸如backgradius渐变之类的高级CSS功能,并配有小型助手工具,这将使您的生活更加轻松,而无需记住值,复制和粘贴颜色代码。您将在CSS Hero中找到几乎所有的CSS属性,包括预设属性,颜色选择器,阴影生成器,您可以立即尝试一切尝试,进一步拓展CSS知识的界限。

如果您是新手或CSS专业人士,那么您会喜欢CSS Hero所能做的。


CSS Hero使您可以轻松地编辑,预览和控制网站在台式机和手持设备上的显示方式。使用标准断点或您自定义的断点。


CSS Hero适用于任何WordPress主题和插件,并可以帮助您直观地自定义页眉到页脚的所有网站元素。
















我们都通过实验进行设计。哎哟! 需要撤消吗?不要惊慌 CSS Hero会自动将所有编辑内容存储在详细的历史记录列表中,在历史记录步骤中来回移动就像单击“撤消\重做”按钮一样简单。








设置WordPress登录页面的样式一直很痛苦,无需理会,现在您可以使用CSS Hero轻松设置样式。新!




CSS Hero是一个实时WordPress主题编辑器,其工作原理无需修改任何主题文件。它与许多环境广泛兼容,并且被设计成轻便且可承受的。


从技术角度来看,CSS Hero仅生成并启用一个静态的额外CSS样式表,该样式表会完全覆盖主题的原始样式表。

CSS Hero 不会以任何方式实际更改主题/插件文件。关闭插件,您网站的外观将恢复为安装此工具之前的样子。这是100%安全的。


找到出色的图像从未如此简单。多亏了 Unsplash, 您可以享受[几乎]无限来源的惊人,免版税的高质量图像,供您在项目中使用。



完整的CSS / LESSCSS编辑器具有实时渲染功能,可对您的自定义项进行额外控制。


轻松将滚动动画应用于页面上的任何元素。从多种动画和缓动效果中进行选择。自CSS HERO 3.4起包含