ColorPicker 是适用于 Windows 上的开发人员的现代颜色选择工具。 它是 2020 年发布的现有 ColorPicker 2 软件的下一次重大改进。ColorPicker 是使用 WPF 在 C# .NET 5 中编写的。其实颜色快速拾取不仅适用于开发人员,对于设计人员也非常重要。毕竟,在设计的时候想要快速某个区域的颜色数值,可以通过这种小工具快速的转换 RGB 值到十六进制等等。

当然,一般情况下想要获取某些颜色数值,一般使用 QQ 自带的截图工具它就会相应的显示颜色数值,不过功能相对来说比 ColorPicker 要少很多。如果您平常要经常要用到这类颜色工具,那么 ColorPicker 也可以下载收藏。

ColorPicker is a modern color picking tool for developers on Windows. It is the next major improvement to the existing ColorPicker 2 software released in 2020. ColorPicker is written in C# .NET 5 using WPF. In fact, fast color picking is not only suitable for developers, but also very important for designers. After all, when designing, you want to quickly convert the color value of a certain area, you can quickly convert RGB values ​​to hexadecimal and so on through this small tool.

Of course, Big Eyes generally wants to obtain certain color values. Generally, using the screenshot tool that comes with QQ, it will display the color values ​​accordingly, but the functions are relatively less than ColorPicker. If you usually use this type of color tool frequently, ColorPicker can also be downloaded as a collection.

Open source free color picking tool ColorPicker Chinese multilingual free version

ColorPicker Product Features

Choose a color from the screen
Manually select colors using an intuitive UI
Randomly choose a color
Color History
Convert a color to another type (RGB, HEX, HSL, HSV, CMYK)
light/dark theme
keyboard shortcuts
Customizable by setting

ColorPicker shortcuts

ColorPicker currently has two keyboard shortcuts, since version 3.3:

Shift+S – start/stop color selection
Shift+C – Duplicate selected color on screen

Note: You can disable keyboard shortcuts in the settings.

ColorPicker License

MIT license

Note: ColorPicker has checked for updates turned on by default after installation, if you can’t access Github then an error may pop up. You can disable the startup check for updates in the software settings.

开源免费颜色拾取工具 ColorPicker 中文多语免费版

ColorPicker 产品特点

使用直观的 UI 手动选择颜色

ColorPicker 快捷键

ColorPicker 目前有两个键盘快捷键,从 3.3 版开始:

Shift+S – 开始/停止颜色选择
Shift+C – 在屏幕上复制选定的颜色


ColorPicker 许可证

MIT 许可证

注意:ColorPicker 默认在安装后开启了检查更新,如果您无法访问 Github 那么可能会弹出错误。您可以在软件设置中把启动检查更新取消即可。


What’s new in ColorPicker
April 16, 2022
d2bc05c Checks for update on start are disabled by default (#110)
7d656e0 Added translations (#113)
fb35286 Added “First run” window (#113)
a9537b9 “First run” window now shows up on first run (#113)
ec9c2d7 Added logo (#113)
5120094 Added “Welcome” page (#113)
d4dd1a5 Added “Tutorial” page (#113)
a81c628 Added “Theme” page (#113)
54ea6e6 Added “Language” page (#113)
d5fb57d Added “Update” page (#113)
2803b5c Added the possibility to end the “First run” experience (#113)
724a471 Added Expander style (#114)
2636b75 Added “Theme” category in Settings (#114)
56f6eb9 Added “Language” category in Settings (#114)
442f410 Added “History” category in Settings (#114)
b6d3d13 Added “Color formatting” category in Settings (#114)
c506c12 Added “Keyboard shortcuts” category in Settings (#114)
7364c3a Added “Data” category in “Settings” (#114)
004891c Added “Licenses” category in Settings (#114)
9c1ff80 Added an animation when navigating ColorPicker (#115)
8de992f Redesigned the “Converter” page (#116)
c6b4064 Fixed: Wrong title for “Text tool” window (#112)
6a0a5c3 Fixed an issue with light theme
a398ee8 Updated ColorHelper
2d771d5 Updated LeoCorpLibrary
8b36f5f Updated Setup
7dbd5b1 Improved hover animations on the side bar (#115)