It is a free and open source web browser developed based on the Chromium engine. It is a privacy-conscious browser that distinguishes itself from other browsers by automatically blocking online advertisements and website trackers in the default settings.

Officially released, the update content of this version is as follows: Fixed the crash when clicking on the promotion item in Brave News. Upgraded Chromium to brave://adblock. Added support for custom filter lists in Shields. Added WDP (Web Discovery Project)

Disabled in the Tor window. Added support for adaptive CAPTCHA. Added Brave proxy version suffix to go-ipfs. For new Brave browser installation users in some regions, the default search engine has been changed to an updated reward panel design updated The design of the new tab page of the privacy window was removed from the user agent when visiting DuckDuckGo. Fixed the problem that the Speedreader icon appeared incorrectly in some cases. The blue border that appeared at the top of the window when focused.

Brave 是基于 Chromium 引擎开发的免费开源网络浏览器。Brave 是一个注重隐私的浏览器,它通过在默认设置中自动阻止在线广告和网站跟踪器来将自己与其他浏览器区分开来。

Brave Browser 1.31 正式发布,该版本更新内容如下:

修正了在 Brave News 中点击推广项目时的崩溃 (#18898 3)
将 Chromium 升级到 95.0.4638.69 (#19083 3)
通过 brave://adblock 增加了在 Shields 中自定义过滤列表的支持 (#8107 6)
在 Brave 中增加了 WDP(Web Discovery Project)(#18166 3)
在 Tor 窗口中禁用了 WDP (#18885 6)
增加了对自适应 CAPTCHA 的支持 (#15600 7)
为 go-ipfs 添加了 Brave 代理的版本后缀 (#18505 2)
对于某些地区的 Brave 浏览器新安装用户,将默认搜索引擎更改为 Brave Search (#18331 3)
更新了奖励面板设计 (#14602 4)
更新了隐私窗口新标签页的设计 (#18486)
在访问 DuckDuckGo 时从用户代理中删除了 "Brave" (#15156 2)
修复了 Speedreader 图标在某些情况下不正确出现的问题 (#17355 2)
修正了聚焦时窗口顶部出现的蓝边 (#9420)