Beijing time on January 14th news, social media giant Facebook parent company Meta is facing a class action in the United Kingdom with a claim value of more than 2.3 billion pounds (about 3.2 billion US dollars), the company is accused of abusing its market dominance, using 44 million. User’s personal data.
Facebook▲ Facebook UK Financial Conduct Authority (FCA) senior adviser and competition law scholar Liza Lovdahl Gormsen said she brought the case on behalf of Britons who used Facebook between 2015 and 2019 . The lawsuit will be heard by the Competition Appeals Tribunal in London. Facebook has made billions of pounds by imposing unfair terms and conditions requiring consumers to hand over valuable personal data to access the network, the lawsuit claims.
“In the 17 years since it was created, Facebook has been the only social network in the UK where you can connect with friends and family in one place,” says Gomson. “However, Facebook also has a dark side. It abuses its market dominance. status and impose unfair terms and conditions on ordinary Britons giving them the right to use their personal data.”
Facebook says people use its services because the company brings value to them and “they have effective control over what information is shared on Meta’s platform and with whom.”
Just days ago, Facebook’s attempt to block an antitrust lawsuit by the U.S. Federal Trade Commission (FTC) was thwarted in one of the biggest U.S. government challenges to a tech company in decades. Currently, the U.S. government is trying to limit the broad market power that big tech companies have.

北京时间 1 月 14 日消息,社交媒体巨头 Facebook 母公司 Meta 在英国面临一桩索赔金额超 23 亿英镑 (约合 32 亿美元) 的集体诉讼,该公司被指控滥用其市场支配地位,利用 4400 万用户的个人数据。


▲ Facebook

英国金融行为监管局 (FCA) 高级顾问、竞争法学者莉莎・洛夫达尔・戈姆森 (Liza Lovdahl Gormsen) 表示,她代表 2015 年至 2019 年期间使用 Facebook 的英国人提起此案。这桩诉讼将由伦敦竞争上诉法庭审理。诉讼称,Facebook 通过强加不公平的条款和条件,要求消费者交出宝贵的个人数据以访问该网络,从而赚取了数十亿英镑。

“自创建以来的 17 年里,Facebook 成为了英国唯一的社交网络,你在一个地方就能与朋友和家人联系,”戈姆森表示,“然而,Facebook 也有阴暗的一面。它滥用其市场支配地位,对普通英国人施加不公平的条款和条件,使其有权利用他们的个人数据。”

Facebook 表示,人们使用它的服务是因为公司为他们带来了价值,而且“他们能够有效控制在 Meta 的平台上分享什么信息以及与谁分享”。

就在几天前,Facebook 尝试阻止美国联邦贸易委员会 (FTC) 对其发起反垄断诉讼的努力受挫,这是几十年来美国政府对一家科技公司发起的最大挑战之一。目前,美国政府试图限制大型科技公司拥有的广泛市场影响力。