NFT platform Ethernity V2 website released

On December 25, Ethernity tweeted that it had released the Ethernity V2 website to provide users with a better interactive experience. It is reported that Ethernity is a community-oriented platform that provides limited edition certified NFTs (aNFTs) and trading cards.

NFT platform Ethernity and The Sandbox reach a strategic cooperation

Rhythm BlockBeats news, on January 22, NFT platform Ethernity announced a strategic cooperation with the blockchain game and metaverse project The Sandbox. Ethernety will bring its library of world-class licenses to The Sandbox metaverse, allowing players to wear their avatars with certified and fully licensed clothing from well-known stars, players, brands, teams, leagues, and more.

Bruce Lee’s family company will release the first Bruce Lee series NFT with Ethernity

Rhythm BlockBeats news, on January 5, according to Bitcoin News, Bruce Lee’s family company and NFT market Ethernity will release the first Bruce Lee series NFT of “The Formless Form” on January 8. The announcement said that the NFT series was affected by Bruce Lee Inspired by philosophy and teachings, created by artists such as Bosslogic, Raf Grassetti and Anthony Francisco. Shannon Lee, Bruce Lee’s daughter and chairman and CEO of the Bruce Lee family company, said their artistic expression will help continue to spread the positive message of Bruce Lee’s philosophy and teachings to the world in an authentic way.

NFT平台Ethernity V2网站已发布

12月25日,Ethernity发推称,已经发布Ethernity V2网站,为用户提供更好的交互体验。 据悉,Ethernity是一个面向社区的平台,提供限量版认证NFT(aNFT)和交易卡。

NFT平台Ethernity与The Sandbox达成战略合作

律动 BlockBeats 消息,1 月 22 日,NFT 平台 Ethernity 宣布与区块链游戏和元宇宙项目 The Sandbox 达成战略合作。Ethernety 将把其世界级许可证库带到 The Sandbox 元宇宙,允许玩家为其虚拟形象穿上经过认证和完全授权的服装,这些服装来自知名明星、球员、品牌、团队、联赛等。


律动 BlockBeats 消息,1 月 5 日,据 Bitcoin News 报道,李小龙(Bruce Lee)家族公司联合 NFT 市场 Ethernity 将于 1 月 8 日发布「The Formless Form」首个李小龙系列 NFT,公告称该 NFT 系列受到李小龙哲学和教义的启发,由 Bosslogic、Raf Grassetti 和 Anthony Francisco 等艺术家创作。李小龙女儿、李小龙家族公司董事长兼首席执行官 Shannon Lee 表示,他们的艺术表达将有助于继续以真实的方式向世界传播李小龙哲学和教义的积极信息。