YouTube 首页和付款帐号

YouTube homepage and payment account
February 23, 2022
YouTube earnings will use separate homepage and payment accounts in AdSense. The update will begin in March 2022 and roll out gradually over the next few months. See below for details on this change.

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We’re delivering a better AdSense experience for YouTube creators. In the months beginning March 2022, YouTube will launch a dedicated AdSense for YouTube homepage within AdSense. This page allows creators to see their final YouTube earnings in AdSense more quickly.

Additionally, payments for YouTube earnings are split into your own payments account. This means that YouTube and AdSense payment accounts will have their own payment thresholds. This is important to understand if you are using AdSense not only to receive YouTube payments, as this may affect payment timing.

All pending YouTube earnings will be transferred to this new payments account. Details of your previously paid YouTube earnings and all other AdSense earnings will remain associated with your AdSense payments account.

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Currently, the new Homepage will only be available to a small number of creators when it launches in 2022. YouTube creators will still be able to view their final YouTube earnings in their AdSense payments account until the general rollout.

When this feature is fully rolled out, when you go to AdSense from YouTube Studio, you’ll be taken to the new AdSense for YouTube homepage. You can also view this page at the top of the AdSense left menu.

2022 年 2 月 23 日
YouTube 收入将在 AdSense 中使用单独的首页和付款帐号。这项更新将从 2022 年 3 月开始,并在接下来的几个月内逐步推出。有关此次变更的详情,请参阅下文。

我们正在为 YouTube 创作者提供更优质的 AdSense 使用体验。从 2022 年 3 月开始的几个月内,YouTube 将在 AdSense 内推出专门的 AdSense for YouTube 首页。通过该页面,创作者可以更快地在 AdSense 中查看最终的 YouTube 收入。

此外,YouTube 收入的付款会被划分到自己的付款帐号中。这意味着,YouTube 和 AdSense 付款帐号将会有各自的付款最低限额金额。如果您使用 AdSense 不仅是为了接收 YouTube 付款,则一定要了解这一点,因为这可能会影响付款时间。

所有待付的 YouTube 收入都将转入这个新的付款帐号。您之前已获支付的 YouTube 收入及其他所有 AdSense 收入的详细信息仍会与您的 AdSense 付款帐号相关联。

目前,新版首页在 2022 年推出时仅会面向少数创作者。在全面推出之前,YouTube 创作者仍可以在其 AdSense 付款帐号中查看最终的 YouTube 收入。

此功能全面推出后,再从 YouTube 工作室中转到 AdSense 时,您将转到新版 AdSense for YouTube 首页。您也可以在 AdSense 左侧菜单的顶部查看该页面。