5G网络技能将无线网络的速度提高到了1Gbps以上,最高可达10Gbps,但这还不是网速的尽头,各国还在研发6G网络技能,有或许运用太赫兹频段,日前国内多个科研团队就完成了太赫兹下网路超过100Gps的世界新纪录。5G network technology has increased the speed of wireless networks to more than 1Gbps, up to 10Gbps, but this is not the end of the network speed. Countries are still developing 6G network skills, and it may be possible to use the terahertz frequency band. Several domestic scientific research teams have completed this recently. This is a new world record of over 100Gps for the Internet under Terahertz.
According to the Science and Technology Daily News, the reporter learned from the Purple Mountain Laboratory of Network Communications and Security on the 5th that the laboratory has joined Southeast University, Pengcheng Laboratory, Fudan University and China Mobile to support the 6G special project of the national key research and development program. Next, the first 360-430GHz frequency band 100/200Gbps real-time wireless transmission communication test system was established.
Completed for the first time a single-wavelength net rate of 103.125Gbps and a dual-wavelength net rate of 206.25Gbps terahertz real-time wireless transmission. The communication rate is 10-20 times higher than that of 5G, creating the highest real-time terahertz real-time wireless communication reported in the world. Transmission records.
Tahertz band frequency resources are extremely abundant, which can support 100Gbps-1Tbps ultra-high-speed wireless communication, thereby increasing the peak transmission rate of the existing 5G by one to two orders of magnitude, and can meet the future needs of new applications such as 6G holographic communication and meta-universe.
Traditional electronic terahertz technology is trapped by the inherent properties of electronic devices. The parameters of high-frequency electronic devices are gradually approaching the theoretical limit, facing challenges that are difficult to solve, such as large transmission loss and limited frequency and bandwidth.
Professor You Xiaohu, deputy director and chief scientist of Zijinshan Laboratory, introduced that Zijinshan Laboratory has chosen photonic terahertz wireless communication as the new breakthrough direction of 6G, and gathered superior forces to establish a leading domestic and world-class photonic terahertz experiment environment.
After more than 3 years of overcoming difficulties, the team pioneered a real-time transmission architecture integrating photonic terahertz fiber and completed the development of a photonic terahertz real-time wireless communication test system, breaking the report that the real-time transmission rate of the terahertz communication system exceeded 100Gbps. The world record, the result was selected as the 2022 OFC Demo Zone, an international cutting-edge academic conference in the field of optical communications. This is also the only Demo Zone paper independently completed by mainland scholars in the history of OFC terahertz communications.
It is reported that this achievement can be integrated with the existing optical fiber network to expand to form 100-1000Gbps outdoor indoor ultra-high-speed wireless access, replace the existing mobile network and optical fiber to complete rapid deployment, replace the huge amount of cables in the data center, and significantly reduce costs and functions. It can be used for inter-satellite communication, aerospace integrated access, etc.






通过3年多的攻坚克难,团队首创光子太赫兹光纤一体交融的实时传输架构,完成了光子太赫兹实时无线通讯试验体系的研发,打破了太赫兹通讯体系实时传输净速率超过100Gbps的揭露报导世界纪录,成果当选2022年国际光通讯领域尖端学术会议OFC Demo Zone,这也是OFC太赫兹通讯领域历史上由我国大陆学者独立完成的仅有Demo Zone论文。