科技爱好者周刊(第 187 期):元宇宙会成功吗

这里记录每周值得分享的科技内容,周五发布。Here is a record of the scientific and technological content worth sharing every week, and it will be released on Friday.
Cover image Dezeen, an internationally renowned architectural design website, selects various types of the world’s best buildings every year. This year’s world’s best cultural building was awarded to the Heilongjiang Yabuli International Conference Center. It is located in the ski resort among the mountains. A large undulating white roof covers the venue. (Via)
This week’s topic: Will Metaverse succeed? Not long ago, Facebook boss Zuckerberg gave an interview.
The reporter asked, why does your company change its name to Meta?
The implication of the reporter’s words is that something as illusory as the meta universe is a concept concocted by science fiction writers. Change to this name, will you be hot-headed, pursuing fashion, and be successful?
Zuckerberg’s answer was great. He did not say diplomatic rhetoric, but gave two very real reasons, showing that he had carefully calculated the possibility of success.
He said that according to statistics, most American adults watch TV (including streaming media) or play video games every day for several hours. TV shows or video games essentially provide a virtual world, allowing viewers and players to escape from reality and feel happy.
This shows that people are willing to stay in the virtual world for a few hours a day, even if the current experience is still very basic.
The second reason is that during the epidemic, many people work from home. In the past, the destination for work was the office, but now it has become a keyboard and monitor.
This shows that people can work in front of the computer for 8 hours. If you can provide better virtual office conditions, these 8 hours can be spent in the virtual space.
Zuckerberg’s conclusion is that people are willing to stay in the virtual world for entertainment and work. The needs of the meta universe are real, and such needs are great. As long as a better experience can be created, an unprecedented market will be born.
I was moved by Zuckerberg, and suddenly realized that the virtual world is really popular. This is the biggest reason why Metaverse may succeed.
It can even be said that if we equate the virtual world with the meta-universe, then we can find that the meta-universe has already succeeded.
Journey to the West is a meta universe.
Star Wars is a meta universe.
Harry Potter is a meta universe.
Marvel superheroes are meta universe.
The above literary works have built their own grand virtual world, and they have become the most popular and most liked literary works in the world.
The same is true for video games. The world’s highest-selling video game is MineCraft, which sold an astonishing 240 million copies. It is very similar to the meta universe, where players can roam infinitely, build anything, and talk to people they meet.
Facts have proved that people like virtual worlds very much. If technology can really create a realistic and fun virtual world, I believe it will be unprecedentedly popular.
The reason why people like the virtual world is very simple, because the real world is too heavy, life is too tired, too boring, and lacks interest day after day. The virtual world is a spiritual sustenance and a refuge, allowing you to temporarily forget the worries of reality, allowing you to have a better and more interesting world to go to.


国际知名的建筑设计网站 Dezeen,每年评选各类的世界最佳建筑。今年的世界最佳文化建筑,授予了黑龙江亚布力国际会议中心,它位于群山之中的滑雪场,一个起伏的白色大屋顶盖住了会场。(via



记者提问,为啥你们公司要改名为 Meta(元宇宙)?







扎克伯格的结论就是,人们愿意待在虚拟世界,进行娱乐和工作。 元宇宙的需求真实存在,而且这种需求很大,只要能够创造更好的体验,就会诞生一个空前的市场。








电子游戏也是如此。世界销售量最高的电子游戏是 MineCraft,卖出了惊人的2.4亿份。它跟元宇宙非常相似,玩家可以在里面无限漫游、建造任意东西,跟遇到的人对话。

事实证明,人们非常喜欢虚拟世界。 如果科技真能创造一个逼真又好玩的虚拟世界,我相信,一定会空前受欢迎。