Bare-Metal Cloud



CPU 内存 SSD 带宽 价格 购买
E5-2620 32G 1T 10Mbps $79/月 链接
E5-2650 32G 1T 10Mbps $103/月 链接
E5-2680 32G 1T 10Mbps $127/月 链接
E5-2690 32G 1T 10Mbps $143/月 链接
E5-2697 32G 1T 10Mbps $151/月 链接
2*E5-2620 32G 1T 10Mbps $151/月 链接
2*E5-2650 32G 1T 10Mbps $175/月 链接
2*E5-2680 32G 1T 10Mbps $191/月 链接
2*E5-2690 32G 1T 10Mbps $223/月 链接
2*E5-2697 32G 1T 10Mbps $239/月 链接


提示一下:Bare-Metal Cloud,裸金属云本身是云,不是Bare-Metal Server(裸金属服务器、物理服务器),如果在性能方面有特别要求,还是推荐上独立服务器!The bare metal cloud in the raksmart Hong Kong computer room has been fully upgraded, from the default 10Mbps support to 1Gbps bandwidth with unlimited traffic, and mainland optimization and boutique network (Hong Kong cn2) are optional. It is especially suitable for those user groups who require large bandwidth and large traffic in Hong Kong. The three networks are directly connected to the mainland, no filing, no real name, super fast speed, and you can also pay with encrypted currency, credit card, PayPal, Alipay, etc.
RAKsmart computer room is an American business established in 2012, set up by Chinese, and has domestic operation branches. It is mainly engaged in independent server products of self-built data center in San Jose, USA, as well as Japan independent server, Hong Kong server and other Asia-Pacific data center products! Support Alipay, WeChat, PayPal payment and purchase, customer service provides Chinese work order support!
Official website: https://www.raksmart.com Bare-Metal Cloud All bare metal clouds come with an IPv4, 10M bandwidth (unlimited traffic) by default, and you can select “Mainland Optimization” and “Boutique Network” when placing an order The two networks support up to 1Gbps and 100Mbps respectively. The boutique network is CN2 in Hong Kong, and the price will be much more expensive.
20% discount code: 2022.May-HK-20%disCPU Memory SSD Bandwidth Price Buy E5-2620 32G 1T 10Mbps $79/month Link E5-2650 32G 1T 10Mbps $103/month Link E5-2680 32G 1T 10Mbps $127/month Link E5 -2690 32G 1T 10Mbps $143/month Link E5-2697 32G 1T 10Mbps $151/month Link 2*E5-2620 32G 1T 10Mbps $151/month Link 2*E5-2650 32G 1T 10Mbps $175/month Link 2*E5-2680 32G 1T 10Mbps $191/month Link 2*E5-2690 32G 1T 10Mbps $223/month Link 2*E5-2697 32G 1T 10Mbps $239/month Bare metal server, physical server), if you have special requirements in terms of performance, it is recommended to use a dedicated server!