raksmart currently offers a 30% discount on cloud servers (non-conventional VPS) in computer rooms in Hong Kong, Japan, San Jose, and Los Angeles, plus 4 special spike cloud server configurations with an annual payment of 129 yuan. raksmart’s cloud server system disk is separated from the data disk, supports snapshots and backups for free, supports windows and Linux, a single cloud server supports up to 64 cores, 256G memory, 5Gbps bandwidth (bandwidth is exclusive, unlimited traffic), 256 IPv4 , Data disk only costs 0.08 US dollars per G per month.
Official website: https://www.raksmart.com Conventional cloud server configuration, 30% discount coupon code: Cloud-TP-30%dis After using the coupon code, the minimum configuration is as low as $6/month!
Special offer cloud server (1) San Jose, 1 core, 2G RAM, 40G system disk; spike price: ¥ 129/year, buy immediately (2) Los Angeles, 1 core, 2G RAM, 40G system disk; spike price: ¥ 129/ Immediately buy (3) Hong Kong, 1 core, 2G RAM, 40G system disk; rush price: ¥ 159/year, Immediately buy (4) Japan, 1 core, 2G RAM, 40G system disk; sec sell price: ¥ 149/ Rush to buy


(1)圣何塞,1核心,2G内存,40G系统盘;秒杀价:¥ 129/立即抢购

(2)洛杉矶,1核心,2G内存,40G系统盘;秒杀价:¥ 129/立即抢购

(3)香港,1核心,2G内存,40G系统盘;秒杀价:¥ 159/立即抢购

(4)日本,1核心,2G内存,40G系统盘;秒杀价:¥ 149/立即抢购