这到底会让RTX 40系列显卡的发布节奏面临怎样的影响,看起来并不乐观。

日前,有可靠消息人士透露,RTX 4070的规格基本敲定,不同于另一个爆料好手kopite7kimi的说法,最终的TGP功耗有所下调,从300W“温柔一刀”,改到285W……

其它变化还有核心采用AD104-400,基础频率预设为2310MHz,公版加速频率2610MHz,而不变的是依然搭配12GB GDDR6X显存(192bit)。

对比之下,RTX 3070 Ti的频率只有1580MHz/1770MHz,但功耗达到了290W。

参数如此华丽的RTX 4070有望成为新一代中口碑和销量的担当?

RTX 4070遭NV温柔一刀:没想到更华丽了

The performance of NVIDIA’s “Thunderbolt” confirms the fact that the inventory of RTX graphics cards is high and cannot be sold. Huang Renxun also admitted that he is working with partners to discuss further measures to destock and adjust prices.

How this will affect the release rhythm of RTX 40 series graphics cards does not look optimistic.

A few days ago, a reliable source revealed that the specifications of the RTX 4070 have been basically finalized. Unlike another leaker, kopite7kimi, the final TGP power consumption has been reduced, from 300W “gentle knife” to 285W…

Other changes include the core using AD104-400, the base frequency is preset to 2310MHz, the public version acceleration frequency is 2610MHz, and the same is still with 12GB GDDR6X memory (192bit).

In contrast, the frequency of the RTX 3070 Ti is only 1580MHz/1770MHz, but the power consumption reaches 290W.

RTX 4070 with such gorgeous parameters is expected to be responsible for word of mouth and sales in the new generation?

RTX 4070 was gently stabbed by NV: I didn’t expect it to be more gorgeous