5 月 25 日消息,在正在进行的 2022 台北国际电脑展上,Nvidia 召开 COMPUTEX 2022 主题演讲。发布会着重介绍了 NVIDIA RTX 技术在游戏上的进展以及 AI 人工智能对强劲性能的支持。不过,NVIDIA 在展会现场并未提到任何 RTX 40 系列 GPU 的消息,这或许预示着 RTX 40 系列 GPU 发布可能会延期。

据 NVIDIA 介绍,全世界现在已有超过 250 款 RTX 游戏和应用,相比去年同比增加一倍,为了更好服务于玩家,将不断扩充 NVIDIA DLSS 游戏库,NVIDIA 今天宣布 12 款新游戏加入了 DLSS 游戏库。其中领衔的游戏作品便是《杀手 3》。《杀手 3》宣布 5 月 24 日为新增 NVIDIA DLSS 以及光线追踪不透明反射和光线追踪阴影。经过测试,在所有选项均为最高设置,并开启光线追踪时,4K 分辨率下 NVIDIA DLSS 可将《杀手 3》的帧率提升 2 倍以上。


除此之外,《沙石镇时光》、《狙击精英 5》等游戏也将第一时间支持 DLSS 技术。如果想要体验以上技术,需要一块 RTX 30 系列的 GPU,已经拥有 RTX 系列的 GPU 的玩家可于北京时间 5 月 24 日 21: 00,通过 GeForce Experience 应用下载最新的 Game Ready 驱动体验该技术。

除了游戏技术外,在 COMPUTEX 2022 展会上 NVIDIA 还公布了多款搭载 RTX GPU 的新款笔记本电脑。游戏本包括微星 GE67 HX、华硕 ROG 幻 16 翻转版、技嘉 Aorus 17X,设计本包括华硕 Zenbook 和 Vivobook 系列、宏碁 ConceptD 5 和 5 Pro、联想 Slim 7i Pro X 和 7 Pro X。

在演讲的最后,NVIDIA 展示了全球首款 500Hz G-SYNC 显示器和与飞利浦合作发布的 G-SYNC 游戏电视。其中华硕 ROG Swift 500Hz 游戏显示器。这款 500Hz 显示器专为电竞设计,支持 NVIDIA G-SYNC 电竞模式,还有完整的 NVIDIA Reflex 分析器支持,允许用户在使用 NVIDIA Reflex 鼠标和 GeForce GPU 时测量端到端的系统延迟。

以上便是 NVIDIA 在 2022 台北电脑展上发布的主要内容了,基本可以总结为一些兼容 RTX 30 系列 GPU 新技术的游戏和搭载 GeForce 硬件的产品。遗憾的是,整场展会 NVIDIA 并没有提及 RTX 40 系列 GPU 的任何消息。

按照以往的经验,在 GPU 换代之际,NVIDIA 往往会在台北电脑展上剧透一些下一代 GPU 的信息。但今年 NVIDIA 却如此“守口如瓶”,笔者分析下一代 RTX 40 系列 GPU 发布时间可能还悬而未决。其中的原因可能是因疫情导致的供应链紧张,也有可能是 RTX 30 系列仍然有很大的市场等待开拓。

因此,如果希望等下一代 GPU 发布再“上车”的玩家,可能需要再多等一阵子了。从台北电脑展公布的信息来看,今天公布的新游戏、新技术与新外设,均基于 RTX 30 系列 GPU 打造,如果想要在 2022 年体验到这些新游戏、新技术与新外设,RTX 30 系列台式机 GPU 或搭载 RTX 30 系列笔记本电脑可能是玩家的唯一选择。马上 618 活动也来了,刚需用户或许可以考虑趁着优惠活动“上车”。

On May 25th, at the ongoing Computex Taipei 2022, NVIDIA held a keynote speech at COMPUTEX 2022. The press conference focused on the advancement of NVIDIA RTX technology in games and the support of AI artificial intelligence for strong performance. However, NVIDIA did not mention any news of RTX 40 series GPUs at the exhibition site, which may indicate that the release of RTX 40 series GPUs may be delayed.

According to NVIDIA, there are now more than 250 RTX games and applications in the world, which has doubled compared to last year. In order to better serve players, the NVIDIA DLSS game library will continue to expand. NVIDIA announced today that 12 new games have joined DLSS. Game library. One of the leading game works is “Hitman 3”. Hitman 3 announced May 24 with the addition of NVIDIA DLSS along with ray-traced opaque reflections and ray-traced shadows. After testing, NVIDIA DLSS can increase the frame rate of Hitman 3 by more than 2 times at 4K resolution with all options at the highest settings and with ray tracing turned on.


In addition, games such as “Sandstone Town Time” and “Sniper Elite 5” will also support DLSS technology for the first time. If you want to experience the above technology, you need an RTX 30 series GPU. Players who already own an RTX series GPU can download the latest Game Ready driver through the GeForce Experience app at 21:00 Beijing time on May 24th to experience the technology.

In addition to gaming technology, NVIDIA also announced a number of new laptops with RTX GPUs at COMPUTEX 2022. Gaming laptops include MSI GE67 HX, Asus ROG Magic 16 Flip, Gigabyte Aorus 17X, and design laptops include Asus Zenbook and Vivobook series, Acer ConceptD 5 and 5 Pro, Lenovo Slim 7i Pro X and 7 Pro X.

At the end of the presentation, NVIDIA showcased the world’s first 500Hz G-SYNC monitor and a G-SYNC gaming TV released in partnership with Philips. Among them is the Asus ROG Swift 500Hz gaming monitor. Designed for gaming, this 500Hz monitor supports NVIDIA G-SYNC gaming mode and has full NVIDIA Reflex profiler support, allowing users to measure end-to-end system latency when using NVIDIA Reflex mice and GeForce GPUs.

The above is the main content released by NVIDIA at the 2022 Taipei Computer Show, which can be basically summarized as some games compatible with the new RTX 30 series GPU technology and products equipped with GeForce hardware. Unfortunately, NVIDIA did not mention any news about the RTX 40 series GPUs throughout the show.

According to past experience, when the GPU is replaced, NVIDIA often spoils some information about the next-generation GPU at the Taipei Computer Show. But this year NVIDIA has been so “secretive” that the author analyzes that the release time of the next-generation RTX 40 series GPU may still be up in the air. The reason may be the tight supply chain caused by the epidemic, or the RTX 30 series still has a large market waiting to be developed.

Therefore, players who want to wait for the next generation of GPUs to “get on the train” may need to wait a little longer. Judging from the information released at the Taipei Computer Show, the new games, new technologies and new peripherals announced today are based on the RTX 30 series GPU. If you want to experience these new games, new technologies and new peripherals in 2022, RTX 30 series desktop GPUs or RTX 30 series laptops may be the only options for gamers. The 618 event is coming soon, and users who just need it may consider taking advantage of the promotion to “get on the bus”.