此前,多个消息源已经给出iPhone 15系列全面转投USB-C的预测,包括10月份的iPad 10新品也会上马USB-C,这意味着今年的iPhone 14系列、AirPods Pro 2等将是最后配备Lightning闪电接口的苹果产品,正式画上句号。


事实上,除了iPad 9,苹果目前在售的iPad平板已经全部改用USB-C,Apple Watch的磁力充电线缆也是清一色USB-C。

据悉,历史上第一款使用闪电接口的手机可以追溯到2012年的iPhone 5,已经10年过去了……

The historical mission of the Lightning interface seems to be complete, according to the latest statement from analyst Ming-Chi Kuo. Starting next year, all AirPods will use the USB-C interface charging box.

Previously, multiple sources have given predictions that the iPhone 15 series will fully switch to USB-C, including that the new iPad 10 in October will also launch USB-C, which means that this year’s iPhone 14 series, AirPods Pro 2, etc. will be the last Apple products equipped with Lightning interface have officially come to an end.

After upgrading USB-C, it will help to improve the charging speed of the iPhone and speed up the data transmission rate. Moreover, the European Union has introduced a bill to urge Apple to use USB-C in order to reduce the pollution of electronic waste caused by inconsistent chargers and charging cables.

In fact, with the exception of the iPad 9, all of Apple’s current iPad tablets have switched to USB-C, and the Apple Watch’s magnetic charging cable is also all USB-C.

It is reported that the first mobile phone in history to use the lightning interface can be traced back to the iPhone 5 in 2012, and it has been 10 years…