AMD官宣Zen4锐龙7000!5nm AM5接口、支持DDR5/PCIe 5.0 AMD officially announced Zen4 Ryzen 7000! 5nm AM5 interface, support DDR5/PCIe 5.0 In addition to the Zen3+ architecture Ryzen 6000H/6000U series, Zen3 V-Cache plus Ryzen 7 5800X3D, AMD today also disclosed the next-generation new Zen4 for the first time Some details of the architecture.
The characteristics of Zen4 architecture products can be summarized in the “four fives”: for the first time, they are manufactured using TSMC’s 5nm process, the AMD platform supports next-generation DDR5 memory and PCIe 5.0 channels for the first time, and the new AM5 package interface is introduced for the first time.
The AMD Zen family Ryzen processors have always used AM4 package interface, which has excellent intergenerational compatibility.
The AM5 interface, also known as LG1718 (representing 1718 contacts), will be the first time AMD has abandoned PGA pin packaging on the desktop and changed to LGA contact packaging. Just like its server data center platform, it has also gone on the same road with Intel. .
Of course, the motherboard needs to be replaced, but the conscience is that the AM5 platform can still be compatible with the current AM4 radiator, because the mounting hole position and hole distance remain the same.
Zen4 Ryzen will be released in the second half of this year, named the Ryzen 7000 series.
This means that there will be no Ryzen 6000 series on desktop platforms.
AMD officially announced Zen4 Ryzen 7000! 5nm AM5 interface, support DDR5/PCIe 5.0

除了Zen3+架构的锐龙6000H/6000U系列、Zen3 V-Cache加成的锐龙7 5800X3D,AMD今天还首次披露了下一代全新Zen4架构的一些细节。

Zen4架构产品的特点可以用“四个五”来概括:首次采用台积电5nm工艺制造,AMD平台上首次支持下一代DDR5内存内存、PCIe 5.0通道,首次引入新的AM5封装接口。

AMD Zen家族锐龙处理器一直使用AM4封装接口,代际兼容性极佳。





AMD官宣Zen4锐龙7000!5nm AM5接口、支持DDR5/PCIe 5.0