AMD Zen3架构锐龙线程撕裂者PRO 5000WX系列终于解禁,不再局限于专业工作站和OEM市场,开放了零售,当然价格十分高昂:64核心的5995WX 6499美元,32核心的5975WX 3299美元,24核心的5965WX 2399美元。

AMD今年3月底发布了Zen3架构的锐龙线程撕裂者PRO 5000WX系列,初期仅限OEM工作站整机,直到本月初才在海外零售上市。


还是三款型号,64核心的旗舰5995WX 49999元,32核心的5975WX 25999元,24核心的5965WX 18999元。


Zen2家族的64核心3995WX 40079元,32核心的3975WX 20079元,这一代分别涨了25%、30%!



二级缓存最大32MB,三级缓存最大256MB。内存均支持八通道DDR4-3200,同时均提供128条PCIe 4.0通道。热设计功耗全部维持在280W。





The AMD Zen3 architecture Ryzen Threadripper PRO 5000WX series is finally lifted, no longer limited to the professional workstation and OEM market, and is open to retail. Of course, the price is very high: 64-core 5995WX $6499, 32-core 5975WX $3299, 24-core The 5965WX is $2399.


AMD released the Zen3-based Ryzen Thread Tearer PRO 5000WX series at the end of March this year, which was initially limited to OEM workstations and was not available for overseas retail until the beginning of this month.

Today, Zen3 Ripper is finally on sale in China!

There are still three models, the flagship 5995WX with 64 cores is 49,999 yuan, the 32-core 5975WX is 25,999 yuan, and the 24-core 5965WX is 18,999 yuan.

In contrast, the US versions are priced at US$6,499, US$3,299, and US$2,399, which is about 15% more expensive by the Bank of China based solely on the exchange rate, which is normal.

The Zen2 family’s 64-core 3995WX 40,079 yuan, 32-core 3975WX 20,079 yuan, this generation has increased by 25% and 30% respectively!

The previous generation didn’t have a 24-core version, and this one doesn’t have a 16-core version.

In terms of specifications, the core frequency benchmarks of 5995WX, 5975WX, and 5965W are 2.7GHz, 3.6GHz, and 3.8GHz, which are 100MHz higher than the previous generation, and the highest acceleration frequency is unified to 4.5GHz, which is 200-300MHz higher than the previous generation.

The L2 cache is up to 32MB, and the L3 cache is up to 256MB. The memory supports eight-channel DDR4-3200, and both provide 128 PCIe 4.0 channels. The thermal design power consumption is all maintained at 280W.

The package interface is still sRWX8 (LGA4094), and continues to match the WRX80 motherboard.

AMD has previously confirmed that there will be no non-PRO version of the thread tearer in the future, and uses a unified interface and chipset motherboard to simplify the product line and facilitate consumer choice.

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