phpmyadmin导入到mysql数据库提示 您尝试导入的文件是不支持的压缩格式(application/zip)。可能服务器不支持或您在设置中禁止了这种格式。



这是因为格式不对, 任何winrar及其他软件 直接压缩的zip  /  rar等格式均不支持


just gzip the file from the command line so you have..   gzip myfile.sql

请用7zip软件 把数据库 xx.sql文件 gzip为  xx.sql.gz 这种格式的压缩文件

任何winrar及其他软件 直接压缩的zip  /  rar等格式均不支持 至于原理不懂 我只讲解决办法

这样就可完美上传, sql文件较小的无需压缩直接传sql格式即可





phpmyadmin import to mysql database prompts that the file you are trying to import is in an unsupported compression format (application/zip). Maybe the server doesn’t support it or you have disabled this format in your settings.

This is because the format is incorrect,

just gzip the file from the command line so you have.. gzip myfile.sql

Please use 7zip software to gzip the database xx.sql file into a compressed file in the format of xx.sql.gz

Any winrar and other software directly compressed zip / rar and other formats are not supported. As for the principle, I only talk about the solution.



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