Brave 隐私浏览器 bate版 nightly版 release版有什么区别?

讲真 我懒得叨叨了


这个浏览器真的很好 隐私保护6的一逼 速度是Chrome的好几倍  嘎嘎唰唰的飞

更新更是不用说 三个版本 分别是对应周几更新 release正式版甚至都列出表来了 已经排到了1.72.x的计划 时间到2024年12月!


伙计们看下面的原文吧 很好懂!  官方这个地址 应该是随时更新的



Currently published version numbers can be seen at

  • Major Release frequency: ~3 weeks
  • Minor Chromium/Security releases: Every Tuesday (within ~24hrs after released) as per Chromium schedule. (however, these are tentative and subject to change)
  • Chemspill/Hotfix frequency: As needed
  • Every major release is tied to a fuzzy Chromium release date.

Older Brave Release Schedules are available in the Brave Release Schedules Archive.

Information about channel differences available in the Release Channel Descriptions.

Current channel information:

Branch name1.61.x1.62.xmaster

Note: These versions represent which channel our CI builds things on. It may not reflect exactly the version on release channel for example. This would happen if for example Release above said 0.58.x and it was in RC but on our website we still offered 0.57.x.

Current build schedule:

The following is our automated schedule for creating and uploading builds to our Sparkle (macOS), Omaha (Windows) servers and our Linux repositories.

Beta4am UTC (8pm PST/11pm EST)Monday, Wednesday, Fridayandroid linux-x64 macos-x64 macos-arm64 windows-x64no
Beta4am UTC (8pm PST/11pm EST)Tuesday, Thursdayallyes
Nightly12pm UTC (4am PST/7am EST)Monday - Fridayallyes
Nightly4pm UTC (8am PST/11am EST)Monday - Fridayandroid linux-x64 macos-x64 macos-arm64 windows-x64no
Nightly12am UTC (4pm PST/7pm EST)Monday - Fridayandroid linux-x64 macos-x64 macos-arm64 windows-x64no

Release channel dates:

VersionChromiumMigration DateRelease DateComments
1.58.x117September 6, 2023September 14, 2023Release delayed. Originally scheduled to release on September 12, 2023.
1.58.x117N/ASeptember 27, 2023Maintenance Release
1.59.x118October 4, 2023October 11, 2023Release delayed due to US/CA Holiday on October 9, 2023. Originally scheduled to release on October 10, 2023.
1.60.x119October 25, 2023November 2, 2023Release delayed. Originally scheduled to release on October 31, 2023.
1.60.x119N/ANovember 15, 2023Maintenance Release
1.61.x120November 29, 2023December 6, 2023Release delayed. Originally scheduled to release on December 5, 2023.
1.62.x121January 17, 2024January 23, 2024
1.63.x122February 14, 2024February 20, 2024
1.64.x123March 13, 2024March 19, 2024
1.65.x124April 10, 2024April 16, 2024
1.66.x125May 8, 2024May 14, 2024
1.67.x126June 5, 2024June 11, 2024
1.68.x127July 17, 2024July 23, 2024
1.69.x128August 14, 2024August 20, 2024
1.70.x129September 11, 2024September 17, 2024
1.71.x130October 9, 2024October 15, 2024
1.72.x131November 6, 2024November 12, 2024

Note: As announced via, we'll be getting minor chromium bumps every Tuesday. These releases will sometime also include P1 & P2 issues that are deemed important enough to get out ASAP rather than waiting for a major release. For example, HackerOne reports or other issues that are affecting users in a major way.

  • All dates are approximate and are subject to change.
  • Maintenance releases are tentative and subject to change.
  • Migration Date is also the cutoff date to add strings that need to be translated for the release.
  • Updates will be released as requested only.

Number of days between each release on Release channel

Version# of days between releasesComments
1.58.x - 1.59.x29 days
1.59.x - 1.60.x21 days
1.60.x - 1.61.x35 days
1.61.x - 1.62.x49 days
1.62.x - 1.63.x28 days
1.63.x - 1.64.x28 days
1.64.x - 1.65.x28 days
1.65.x - 1.66.x28 days
1.66.x - 1.67.x28 days
1.67.x - 1.68.x42 days
1.68.x - 1.69.x28 days
1.69.x - 1.70.x28 days
1.70.x - 1.71.x28 days
1.71.x - 1.72.x28 days

Beta channel migration dates:

VersionTarget ChromiumMigration DateComments
1.60.x119October 4, 2023
1.61.x120October 25, 2023
1.62.x121November 29, 2023
1.63.x122January 17, 2024
1.64.x123February 14, 2024
1.65.x124March 13, 2024
1.66.x125April 10, 2024
1.67.x126May 8, 2024
1.68.x127June 5, 2024
1.69.x128July 17, 2024
1.70.x129August 14, 2024
1.71.x130September 11, 2024
1.72.x131October 9, 2024
1.73.x132November 6, 2024
  • CI does builds for Beta channel happen twice a week.
  • Updates are released as there are builds as long as tests pass.

Nightly channel migration dates:

VersionTarget ChromiumMigration DateComments
1.61.x120October 4, 2023
1.62.x121October 25, 2023
1.63.x122November 29, 2023
1.64.x123January 17, 2024
1.65.x124February 14, 2024
1.66.x125March 13, 2024
1.67.x126April 10, 2024
1.68.x127May 8, 2024
1.69.x128June 5, 2024
1.70.x129July 17, 2024
1.71.x130August 14, 2024
1.72.x131September 11, 2024
1.73.x132October 9, 2024
1.74.x133November 6, 2024
  • Nightly builds will be made from master for this channel.
  • This means that within a day of any change you can start testing it.
  • Developers work off of master.
  • We keep master stable, when it is not, we backout what broke it.
  • If something fails tests, that thing should be backed out.
  • brave/brave-browser's package.json specifies brave-core branch to be master.

Mobile platforms

Android rollout process

When 1) approved in the Google Play Store and 2) QA has signed off on the release, we'll release in a staged rollout. Before moving to the next stage, crash reports are checked by release team and evaluated.

Assuming we have the release ready in the morning, the schedule will typically look like this:

1morninginitial release 1%

iOS rollout process

When 1) approved in iOS App Store and 2) QA has signed off on the release, we'll begin the automated rollout. This takes place over 7 days to people who have automatic updates enabled. Users can visit the App Store page for Brave at any time and get the latest one

If something goes wrong, the release can be paused.

1initial release 1%

How to do branch migrations:

For folks that want to see more of "how the sausage is made" (link restricted to Brave employees), you can view the Jenkins job details here: