Rufus 是一个可以帮助格式化和创建可引导 USB 闪存盘的工具,它可以快速把 ISO 格式的系统镜像文件快速制作成可引导的 USB 启动安装盘,支持 Windows 或 Linux 启动。3.19 版本更新内容如下:

为 Windows 11 设置自定义添加新的选择对话框:
安全启动和 TPM 绕过现已移至此对话框
还允许绕过对 Windows 11 22H2 上的 Microsoft 帐户的强制要求
还添加一个选项以跳过所有收集问题(将所有答案设置为 “不允许”)
还添加了一个用于为 Windows To Go 设置内部驱动器脱机的选项
注意:仅在使用 Windows 11 镜像时建议使用这些自定义选项。
添加对使用非标准 GRUB 2.0 前缀目录(openSUSE Live、GeckoLinux)的发行版的支持
添加忽略 USB 的功能(可参见此处)
更新 Red Hat 和衍生产品在 9.x 版本中所需的例外情况
将 UEFI:NTFS 驱动程序更新到最新版本
为没有 ESP 的 DD 模式写入的驱动器重新分配一个字母(例如 CoreELEC)
修复 Windows refusing 在 FIXED 驱动器上挂载 Linux MBR 分区的问题
修复了在使用 Joliet 时对 multiextent files 的支持


Rufus is a tool that can help format and create a bootable USB flash drive. It can quickly make a system image file in ISO format into a bootable USB bootable installation disk, which supports Windows or Linux booting. The updated content of version 3.19 is as follows:

Added new selection dialog for Windows 11 settings customization:
Secure Boot and TPM Bypass have now been moved to this dialog
Also allows bypassing mandatory requirements for Microsoft accounts on Windows 11 22H2
(Note: the network must be temporarily disabled to propose the creation of a local account)
Also added an option to skip all collection questions (set all answers to “don’t allow”)
Also added an option to set the internal drive offline for Windows To Go
Note: These customization options are only recommended when using Windows 11 mirroring.
Add support for distributions using non-standard GRUB 2.0 prefixed directories (openSUSE Live, GeckoLinux)
Added ability to ignore USB (see here)
Change the drive list to always list in increasing size order
Update required exceptions for Red Hat and derivatives in 9.x releases
Update the UEFI:NTFS driver to the latest version
Reassign a letter for drives written in DD mode without ESP (e.g. CoreELEC)
Fixed Windows refusing mounting Linux MBR partitions on FIXED drives
Fixed support for multiextent files when using Joliet

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