Linux 5.18-rc3 has been released as a weekly release candidate! There are no particularly obvious functional changes in this candidate version, but some low-level driver updates and performance tuning. Regarding the changes brought by Linux 5.18-rc3, Linus Torvalds commented:

Things still look normal, although diffstat might look a little odd because of some email updates, which resulted in a lot of unrolled one-line updates in the device tree file.

There’s also a bunch of bug-handling fixes for sound card probing (“Fix missing snd_card_free() calls on probing errors”), shown as several lines in many sound drivers.

This release also includes several Intel TSX fixes that fix a range of security issues, such as systems that may be vulnerable to the TSX Asynchronous Abort “TAA” vulnerability, which will also be backported to the stable kernel.

Check out the 5.18-rc3 announcement for each update for this release candidate.

Linux 5.18-rc3 已作为每周候选版本发布了!这个候选版本没有特别明显的功能变化,都是一些底层的驱动更新和性能调优。对于 Linux 5.18-rc3 带来的改动,Linus Torvalds 评论道:

事情看起来仍然很正常,虽然 diffstat 可能看起来有点奇怪,因为一些电子邮件更新,导致了设备树文件中有很多展开的单行更新。

还有一系列声卡探测的 Bug 处理修复(“修复探测错误时丢失的 snd_card_free() 调用”) ,在许多声音驱动程序中显示为好几行。

该版本还包含一些英特尔 TSX 修复程序,这些补丁修复了一系列安全问题,比如系统可能容易受到 TSX 异步中止“TAA”漏洞的影响,这些 TSX 修复也将向后移植到稳定的内核。

有关该候选版本的每个更新项,请查看 5.18-rc3 公告 。