Linux 内核的软盘驱动程序仍然有新的代码改进和修复,虽然普通用户已经不怎么使用软盘,但它仍在某些工业设备中被使用,但此类系统又很难更新到最新的 Linux 内核版本,因此软盘的补丁就显得有些多余 —— 但无论如何,确实有人在努力维护软盘的驱动代码。

The floppy disk driver of the Linux kernel still has new code improvements and fixes. Although ordinary users do not use floppy disks much, it is still used in some industrial equipment, but it is difficult for such systems to update to the latest Linux kernel version. , So the floppy disk patch is a bit redundant-but in any case, someone is really trying to maintain the floppy disk drive code.

According to foreign media phoronix, this round of Linux kernel mailing list has some floppy disk driver patches for the Linux 5.17 kernel, including a patch that can be triggered in the watchdog code to cause the Linux kernel to hang. This hang issue stems from a change to the floppy disk code in 2012: If a user tries to read a damaged floppy disk and then ejects the floppy disk while I/O is still trying or retrying, the behavior may cause a reproducible hang Problems.

If you are still using floppy disks and running such systems with modern Linux kernels, then Linux 5.17 will fix the hang. The fix in Linux 5.17 will directly cancel the ejection job instead of waiting for the watchdog to return/complete to avoid hanging in the event of floppy disk damage, etc. Let us look forward to the Linux 5.17 kernel, which will be released in early 2022, with floppy disk patches still floating around in the kernel. .

据外媒 phoronix 介绍,本轮 Linux 内核邮件清单又有一些针对 Linux 5.17 内核的软盘驱动程序补丁,其中包括一个可以在看门狗代码中触发的导致 Linux 内核挂起的补丁。这个挂起问题源于 2012 年对软盘代码进行的更改:如果用户尝试读取损坏的软盘,然后在 I/O 仍在尝试或重试时将软盘弹出,则行为可能会导致可重现的挂起问题。

如果你仍在使用软盘,并使用现代 Linux 内核运行此类系统,那么 Linux 5.17 将修复该挂起问题。Linux 5.17 中的修复将直接取消弹出工作,而不是等待看门狗返回/完成,以避免在软盘损坏等情况下挂起。让我们期待将在 2022 年初发布的 Linux 5.17 内核,软盘补丁仍在内核中四处飘荡。。