After 7 candidate versions, Linux kernel 5.15 has been released, which is the latest LTS (long-term support) kernel of the GNU/Linux distribution.

Main update content

New NTFS “NTFS3” file system driver, which was originally developed by Paragon Software
KSMBD was merged into a kernel SMB file server, aiming to achieve high performance, support RDMA and other advanced functions that can be more easily implemented in the kernel space, and be lighter than Samba
Many new RDNA2 PCI IDs may be used for AMD Radeon RDNA2 graphics card updates
Initial support for Intel Xe HP and DG2/Alchemist graphics hardware
Various PCI ID additions and other support work around Intel Alder Lake
AMD Zen 3 APU temperature monitoring is finally in place, and it is more forward-looking. Yellow Carp / Rembrandt APU temperature monitoring also appears in k10temp
ASUS ACPI platform profile support
The AMD Van Gogh APU audio driver was merged, and Steam Deck was one of the hardware that benefited from this
Merged the Realtek RTL8188EU WiFi driver to replace the previous Realtek WiFi driver
The PREEMPT_RT locking code was merged into a large number of previously unfinished real-time patches representing the Linux kernel
Amazon’s DAMON is merged into the data access monitoring framework they have been pursuing for active memory reclamation and other purposes
The new “process_mrelease” system call can release the memory of dead processes faster
In the name of security, choose to join the L1 data cache refresh during context switching, but considering the performance impact, the system administrator strictly chooses to join
Added enhancements to allow the registers used by the caller to be cleared before returning from the kernel function, built on the support of the GCC 11+ compiler

For more details, please check the release announcement.

经过 7 个候选版本后,Linux 内核 5.15 现已发布,这是 GNU/Linux 发行版的最新 LTS(长期支持)内核。


新的 NTFS “NTFS3” 文件系统驱动程序,其最初由 Paragon Software 开发
KSMBD 被合并为内核 SMB 文件服务器,旨在实现高性能、支持 RDMA 和其他可以在内核空间中更容易实现的领域的高级功能,并且比 Samba 更轻巧
许多新的 RDNA2 PCI ID,可能用于 AMD Radeon RDNA2 显卡更新
对 Intel Xe HP 和 DG2/Alchemist 图形硬件的初步支持
围绕 Intel Alder Lake 的各种 PCI ID 添加和其他支持工作
AMD Zen 3 APU 温度监控终于到位,而且还更具前瞻性,Yellow Carp / Rembrandt APU 温度监控也出现在 k10temp 中
华硕 ACPI 平台配置文件支持
AMD Van Gogh APU音频驱动被合并,Steam Deck是受益于此的硬件之一
合并了 Realtek RTL8188EU WiFi 驱动程序以替换之前的 Realtek WiFi 驱动程序
PREEMPT_RT 锁定代码被合并为代表 Linux 内核的大量以前未完成的实时补丁
亚马逊的 DAMON 被合并为他们一直追求的数据访问监控框架,用于主动内存回收和其他目的
新的 “process_mrelease” 系统调用可以更快地释放死亡进程的内存
以安全的名义在上下文切换时选择加入 L1 数据缓存刷新,但考虑到性能影响,由系统管理员严格选择加入
添加了强化以允许在从内核函数返回之前清除调用者使用的寄存器,建立在 GCC 11+ 编译器端的支持之上