Kali Linux 2022.1 是新一年的第一个 Kali Linux 版本,正好赶上情人节。此版本为现有功能带来了各种视觉更新和调整。

Kali Linux 2022.1 is the first Kali Linux release of the new year, just in time for Valentine’s Day. This release brings various visual updates and tweaks to existing features.

The main changes since the December 2021 2021.4 release are as follows:

Visual Update: Theme Update

Starting with this release (2022.1), the 20xx.1 releases each year will be the only releases with extensive visual updates, including new wallpapers for the desktop, login, and startup displays, as well as updated installer themes that update Easily identify different versions of Kali Linux.

In addition, the functionality, themes and layout of the boot menu present in the ISO image have been improved to keep the theme consistent:

Shell prompt changes

When writing professional penetration testing reports, or sharing a terminal to collaboratively debug code, the right-hand prompt (with exit code and number of background processes) can get in the way. So it has been removed from the default shell ZSH. Also, the skull in the root prompt has been replaced with the normal K symbol:

New browser landing page

Brings a fresh look to the default login page available in Kali, and with the updated documentation sites (Kali-Docs and Kali-Tools), the search function can find anything you need in Kali.

“kali-linux-everything” ISO image

This release welcomes a new Kali installation: the “kali-linux-everything” image, which is a complete offline standalone image (ISO) with all of Kali’s toolkits pre-installed. Using this version to install Kali, during the Kali setup process, users do not need to download the “kali-linux-everything” package through a network image, and all professional Kali tools can be installed in areas without a network. But it also takes longer to install this version of Kali due to more packages.

Currently “kali-linux-everything” does not include the Kaboxer application due to known limitations.

Kali-Tweaks: Traditional SSH Made Simple

There’s a new setting in the kali-tweaks hardening section: Kali’s SSH client can now be configured for wide compatibility, meaning legacy algorithms and ciphers are enabled. Connecting to legacy servers that use them becomes simple without explicitly passing additional options on the command line. The purpose of this setting is to make it easier to discover vulnerable SSH servers, which opens up more potential attack surfaces.

Note: Unlike OpenSSL and Samba, SSH is a sensitive enough component that it should be kept secure by default, so by default kali-tweaks this weakening behavior is not enabled, if you are interested in this setting, you must Run kali-tweaks, go to the Hardening section and enable it there.

This release also includes other fixes and new packages, details of which can be found in the official announcement.

自 2021 年 12 月 2021.4 版本以来的主要变更如下:


从这个版本 (2022.1) 开始,每年的 20xx.1 版本将是唯一具有大量视觉更新的版本,视觉更新包括用于桌面、登录和启动显示的新壁纸,以及更新后的安装程序主题,这样可以更容易地识别不同版本的 Kali Linux。

此外,ISO 映像中存在的启动菜单的功能、主题和布局也得到了改进,使主题保持一致性:

Shell 提示更改

在编写专业的渗透测试报告,或共享终端以协作调试代码时,右侧提示 (包含退出代码和后台进程的数量)可能会妨碍工作。因此它已从默认 shell ZSH 中删除。此外,根提示符中的头骨已被替换为普通的 K 符号:


为 Kali 中提供的默认登录页面带来了全新的外观,利用更新的文档站点(Kali-Docs 和 Kali-Tools),搜索功能可以搜索到 Kali 所需的任何内容。

“kali-linux-everything” ISO 映像

这个版本迎来一个新的 Kali 安装版本:“kali-linux-everything”镜像,这是一个完整的离线独立映像(ISO),其中预安装 Kali 的所有工具包。使用这个版本安装 Kali,在 Kali 的设置过程中,用户不需要通过网络映像下载“kali-linux-everything”包,在无网络的区域亦能安装 Kali 所有专业工具。但由于有更多的软件包,安装该该本 Kali 也需要更长的时间。

由于已知限制,目前 “kali-linux-everything”不包括 Kaboxer 应用程序。

Kali-Tweaks:让传统 SSH 变得简单

kali-tweaks 强化部分有一个新设置:现在可以将 Kali 的 SSH 客户端配置为宽兼容性,意味着启用旧算法和密码。连接到使用它们的旧服务器变得很简单,无需在命令行上显式传递其他选项。此设置的目的是更容易发现易受攻击的 SSH 服务器,这会打开更多潜在的攻击面。

注意:与 OpenSSL 和 Samba 不同,SSH 是一个足够敏感的组件,应当在默认情况下保持它的安全,所以默认情况下 kali-tweaks 这种弱化行为 不会启用 ,如果你对此设置感兴趣,必须运行kali-tweaks,进入 Hardening 部分并在其中启用它。