谷歌浏览器Google Chrome正式版迎来v103第三个维护版本发布,详细版本号为v103.0.5060.114,上一个正式版v103.0.5060.66发布于6月28日,时隔7天Google又发布了新版Chrome浏览器,本次升级主要是更新了安全修复和稳定性改进及用户体验。


Chrome v103.0.5060.114 正式版(2022-06-28)

谷歌浏览器v103正式版主要更新,Google一直致力于让Chrome更快,在Chrome 103中再次获得提速,大幅缩短了页面加载时间。 Chrome 103包括对103 Early Hints HTTP响应代码的支持,值得注意的是这里的“103”和Chrome 103版本号无关。主流浏览器在您点击或点击链接之前就开始预取页面。103 Early Hints HTTP只是让这个过程稍微快一点,而在互联网上,稍微快一点很重要。


谷歌浏览器v101正式版主要更新,带来了诸多改进,首先是提供了联合凭据管理API(FedCM)的早期试用,据说该应用程序接口旨在保护身份隐私的情况下继续使用相关用例、而无需借助扩展点追踪(比如第三方cookie)。不过目前FedCM仅在Android移动平台上的Chrome 101稳定版上启用,桌面版还得等到下一次Chrome 102版本。

谷歌浏览器v100正式版主要更新,自2014年以来Chrome浏览器的首次重大图标更新,更新后的设计在2月份首次预览,它采用了简化的图标,颜色更亮,没有阴影。Chrome的设计师Elvin Hu说,更新的设计是为了与“Google更现代的品牌表达”相一致。


Chrome v103.0.5060.114,此更新包括4个安全修复程序。

[$TBD][1341043] High CVE-2022-2294: Heap buffer overflow in WebRTC. Reported by Jan Vojtesek from the Avast Threat Intelligence team on 2022-07-01
[$7500][1336869] High CVE-2022-2295: Type Confusion in V8. Reported by avaue and Buff3tts at S.S.L. on 2022-06-16
[$3000][1327087] High CVE-2022-2296: Use after free in Chrome OS Shell. Reported by Khalil Zhani on 2022-05-19
[1338205] Various fixes from internal audits, fuzzing and other initiatives



Google Chrome v103.0.5060.114 官方正式版 离线安装包






Windows Enterprise企业版(含更新组件)64位

Windows Enterprise企业版(含更新组件)32位



(含更新组件)新版及历史版本 提取码:36oz



The official version of Google Chrome has ushered in the release of the third maintenance version of v103. The detailed version number is v103.0.5060.114. The last official version, v103.0.5060.66, was released on June 28, and Google released it again after 7 days. The new version of the Chrome browser has been updated. This upgrade is mainly to update security fixes, stability improvements and user experience.
The new version changes the official version (2022-06-28)
The main update of the official version of Google Chrome v103, Google has been working on making Chrome faster, and in Chrome 103 it has been accelerated again, greatly shortening the page load time. Chrome 103 includes support for the 103 Early Hints HTTP response code, it’s worth noting that “103” here has nothing to do with the Chrome 103 version number. Major browsers start prefetching pages before you click or tap a link. 103 Early Hints HTTP just makes the process a little bit faster, and on the internet, a little bit faster is important.
A major update to the official version of Google Chrome v102, a series of developer-related enhancements have been made to the backend API, and some other APIs have been repealed, while also providing a window control overlay for Progressive Web Apps (PWAs) on the desktop characteristic. A key feature of this release is that developers are able to control more space in desktop PWAs by allowing client applications to expand and control the entire screen. The so-called window control can be understood as closing, maximum minimize and minimize buttons. This will make the PWA look more like a native app.
The main update to the official version of Google Chrome v101 brings many improvements, starting with the provision of an early trial of the Federated Credential Management API (FedCM), which is said to be designed to protect identity privacy and continue to use related use cases without requiring Tracking via extension points (such as third-party cookies). However, FedCM is currently only enabled on the stable version of Chrome 101 on the Android mobile platform, and the desktop version will have to wait until the next Chrome 102 version.
Google Chrome v100 official version major update, the first major icon update for Chrome since 2014, and the updated design, first previewed in February, features simplified icons with brighter colors and no shadows. Chrome designer Elvin Hu said the updated design was meant to align with “Google’s more modern brand expression.”
Security fixes and bonuses, this update includes 4 security fixes.
Download address Offline installation package “no update components” version to extract the native green version method: right-click to unzip the offline installation package, then unzip one and then unzip chrome.7z to get the native green version!
The offline installation package “no update components” version does not contain online update and upgrade function, so it will not add update scheduled tasks, and there is no background update process, which is cleaner.
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Version (including update components) 64-bit version (including update components) 32-bit Enterprise Edition (including update components) 64-bit Google Chrome Enterprise Edition is a browser enterprise version (including update components) 32-bit MAC developed for enterprise users Version (including updated components) new version and historical version extraction code: 36oz