Brave is a free and open-source web browser based on Chromium, with a focus on privacy protection, and its default settings automatically block online advertising and website tracking. Brave Software (the company behind the Brave browser) was co-founded in 2015 by Brendan Eich, the creator of JavaScript, and Brian Bondy, the former co-founder of Mozilla.

Brave 1.36 is released with the following updates:

Upgrade Chromium to 99.0.4844.51
Added custom RSS support for Brave News
Added Brave Talk widget as default option for widget stack under new tab page
Added signTypedData support for Brave Wallet
Added confirmation mode when Brave Wallet is reset
Added ability to set custom nonce values ​​for Brave Wallet transactions
Added “Decimals of Precision” to Brave Wallet’s Add Networks panel
Added a checkmark icon next to the currently selected account under the Select Account component of Brave Wallet
Added window.ethereum object on page reload
Increased WebSockets connection pool limit when Shields is enabled
Updated description about Widevine prompt
Updated P3A pings to use JSON format
Updated “Open using IPFS” button text to “IPFS”
Updated subresource redirection restrictions on IPFS pages
Updated the setting name and description for “Automatically send diagnostic reports” under brave://settings/privacy to improve clarity
Updated the “Hide Brave Rewards button” setting text under brave://settings/appearance to “Show Brave Rewards icon in address bar”
Background component updater disabled on Windows
Fixed PWA crash on macOS
Fixed an issue where clicking “resolve” adaptive captcha not working in some cases
Fixed “IPFS” button missing from URL bar in some cases

More details can be viewed:

Brave 是基于 Chromium 的一款免费开源网络浏览器,主打隐私保护,其默认设置就会自动阻止在线广告和网站跟踪。Brave Software(Brave 浏览器所属公司)于 2015 年由 Brendan Eich 和 Brian Bondy 联合创立,其中前者是 JavaScript 的创造者,同时也是 Mozilla 联合创始人。

Brave 1.36 发布,更新内容如下:

将 Chromium 升级到 99.0.4844.51
为 Brave News 增加了自定义 RSS 支持
增加了 Brave Talk 小部件作为新标签页下小部件栈的默认选项
为 Brave Wallet 增加了 signTypedData 支持
当 Brave Wallet 被重置时增加了确认模式
增加了为 Brave Wallet 交易设置自定义 nonce 值的功能
为 Brave Wallet 的添加网络面板添加了 “精度的小数”
在 Brave Wallet 的 “选择账户” 组件下,在当前选择的账户旁边添加了复选标记图标
在重新加载页面时添加了 window.ethereum 对象
启用 Shields 时增加了 WebSockets 连接池限制
更新了关于 Widevine 提示的描述
更新了 P3A pings 以使用 JSON 格式
更新了 “Open using IPFS” 按钮文本为 “IPFS”
更新了子资源重定向在 IPFS 页面上的限制
更新了 brave://settings/privacy 下的 “自动发送诊断报告” 的设置名称和描述,以提高清晰度
更新了 brave://settings/appearance 下的 “隐藏 Brave Rewards 按钮” 设置文本为 “在地址栏显示 Brave Rewards 图标”
在 Windows 上禁用了后台组件更新器
修复了 macOS 上的 PWA 崩溃问题
修正了在某些情况下,点击 “解决” 自适应验证码不工作的问题
修复 “IPFS” 按钮在某些情况下从 URL 栏丢失的问题