In 2020, with the full recovery of encrypted finance, the most important topic is DeFi. By 2021, the hot rotation will be non-fungible tokens (NFTs).
NFTs are not new. However, the idea of ​​NFT was not completed until the official launch of the game “Cryptocat” based on Ethereum.
Since then, the NFT frenzy has swept through, and reviews of some common collectibles have skyrocketed. The voices of artists, entertainers, celebrities and other well-known figures from around the world have also promoted NFTs to achieve higher visibility, and even traditional organizations such as Sotheby’s and Christie’s have begun to enter the field.
Luis Aureliano, a financial analyst and macroeconomic expert with 15 years of experience in the industry, said that NFTs bring blockchain closer to the general public. “Although cryptocurrencies have more and more functions, their adoption is slow due to limited appeal. NFTs have successfully attracted people’s interest, thanks in part to many celebrity endorsements, which have attracted the attention of mainstream society.” Luis sees the channels behind NFTs as their bastions of innovation, and the rising price of native tokens reflects the importance of channels.
“When some NFT channels first appeared, their products were considered useless. Now, with pop culture, art and collectibles entering their ecosystems and increasing blockchain engagement, these organizations have the last laugh. Corresponding The valuation of the tokens of BTC also reflects this reality and predicts the future growth potential of NFTs.
The following ten NFT projects and their tokens are worth paying attention to. Thanks to their advancement and management, a new era has been opened up in the usability and reach of blockchains.
LeCubeLeCube is a new product that will be officially launched by MixMarvel, a veteran of chain games. The team has produced a number of popular chain games such as “Cloud Fighting Dragon” in 2018, which once surpassed “Cryptocat”.
LeCube focuses on the invention of the NFT community and the new gameplay of NFT+DeFi, aiming to change the current dilemma of immature NFT pricing and consistent and rapid loss.
First of all, players can pledge any cryptocurrency to the smart contract to get the Cube. In the “Invention Center”, players can use Cubes to compose NFT works. The NFT works can be put into the “mall” for sale. It can also be placed in the “Copyright Center” for other players to pay for reference. Works placed first in the Copyright Center can be cited first. The establishment of the entire NFT is carried out on the chain. Every element to the writing is a native blockchain property, and the entire invention process is on the chain.
Now LeCube is in the testing phase and will be officially launched in Q2 this year. Since March, MixMarvel’s native token, MIX, has risen rapidly, with an increase of more than 4 times, which also shows the market’s expectations and recognition of its new products.
Top 10 NFT projects worth paying attention to (LeCube testnet page)
Decentraland If you are someone who loves games and is interested in blockchain technology, this platform should excite you.
Decentraland is a decentralized online virtual reality gaming platform. The project was proposed in 2018, but finally launched in 2020. The platform is built on Ethereum with the primary goal of supporting the creation, development, sale and custody of virtual industries.
On Decentraland, users can purchase virtual properties to conduct online and virtual businesses. The virtual land on the channel can be used to make different structures that can be tokenized or sold for profit.
LAND, an ERC-721 token, is an irreplaceable property representing land on the channel. There are 90,000 LANDs in the entire game, and the size is 33*33 feet. However, there is no limit to the height of the LAND. So in theory, the owner can keep making taller buildings.
Just like in a real city, the collection of LAND forms an area, a group of buildings with similar themes. MANA, the native token of Decentraland, adopts the ERC-20 specification, which gives users the right to vote on matters related to their region. In addition to that, it can also be used to purchase other virtual services and properties on LAND and the channel, and is currently priced at $0.9858.
LAND is very versatile on Decentrland, we have seen blockchain companies such as Rarible, SuperRare, MakerDAO use their LAND plots for virtual offices and galleries, and some users use it for virtual meetings and live events.
Ten NFT projects worth paying attention to (Decentrland official website)
Enjin is another blockchain skill channel for gamers. Enjin is essentially a place for users to store and manage virtual assets used in the game. Therefore, both NFTs representing in-game items (such as accessories or weapons) or in-game money can be stored, managed and sold on Enjin.
Enjin is built on Ethereum, and the native cryptocurrency is ENJ. Users can create digital assets, integrate them into their desired applications and games, and customize assets to work on desired channels. These properties are valued in ENJ, and the ENJ price is now $2.39. Being able to mint digital assets for a variety of gaming environments is where the value of Enjin lies. Now, the channel has partnered with premier giants such as Microsoft, who recognize the enormous potential and value that the channel can bring to their ecosystem.
Ten NFT projects worth paying attention to (Enjin official website)
EthernityEthernity Chain is one of the most sought-after NFT channels right now, and its token ERN saw a surge in March.
After its launch on March 8, 2021, the ERN price was $0.275; but after the IDO on Polkastarter, the ERN price quickly rose to $3.5; the next five days, the buy and sell price rose to $33, and in March It reached an all-time high of $74 on the 27th; although the price has since fallen to $38.7, ERN’s price trajectory in less than a month suggests a lot of potential.
Ethernity Chain is a digital art mall that sells sports cards, collectibles and digital artwork via NFT. Its policy is to use part of the proceeds to assist charitable organizations and promote social good. It also assists artists and other inventors to auction off their writings and donates a portion of the proceeds to charities of the artist’s choice.
Ethernity continues to grow, and it recently announced a big step in the direction of licensing innovation with the collaboration of Jason Hauser, the inventor of the acclaimed digital artwork.
Top 10 NFT projects worth paying attention to (screenshot of Ethernity website collections)
ThetaTheta blockchain is a decentralized video platform based on blockchain technology, designed to solve the problem of streaming industry by encouraging users to share their bandwidth on the network, users can get THETA tokens in return. Launched in 2018, the project has already received backing from venture capital funds from Samsung Electronics and Sony Corp., which indicates that it is backed by major industry players. Theta has enormous potential as the only end-to-end channel for decentralized video streaming and delivery.
Theta is currently priced at $11.79, and with the continuous development of the Theta blockchain, there is more room for improvement. Interestingly, THETA was once among the top ten crypto assets by market capitalization, which also shows that its development potential is huge.
Ten NFT projects worth paying attention to (THETA official website)
Another NFT channel worth paying attention to in Superfarm is SuperFarm. Its creators describe it as a cross-chain DeFi protocol that can convert any token into an NFT farm without any coding, which would solve the conundrum of many crypto projects creating use cases for their underlying assets and tokens. The pipeline includes a set of tools that projects can use to add utility to the token and encourage behavior.
The SuperFarm token is now trading at $2.77, more than double what it was a month ago, as more people begin to recognize its utility and value. Using SuperFarm for revenue cultivation and the convenience of NFT mining makes it an amazing channel. Its user experience is excellent, and its NFT infrastructure is also comprehensive. The platform has: NFT Market: A market that allows users to buy and sell NFT assets.
NFT and ERC-20 Token Generation: Generate NFT and ERC-20 tokens to initiate custom mining.
NFT Mining: Pawn SUPER tokens and earn exclusive NFT rewards from SuperFarm partner mining pools.
NFT Multiworld Game: An interoperable metaworld video game combining NFTs and SuperFarm.
Ten NFT projects worth paying attention to (SuperFarm official website)
KIWIEKIWIE is a digital art mall that sells street art via NFT. For each piece of street art drawn, a matching digital artwork will also be created and an NFT containing physical coordinates will be added. Anyone who buys digital art on this channel also owns this piece of street art. Once the street art is repainted or destroyed, the digital artwork is permanently transformed into a ghost version.
All artworks on this platform are based on Fat Monster, and the platform’s policy is to have artworks in 195 countries.
Ten NFT projects worth paying attention to (Fat Monster)
Another NFT channel worth paying attention to is Unicly. Although it has yet to be released, the channel’s potential in the NFT marketplace now bodes well for its future success.
The selling point of Unicly is its ability to split NFTs. NFTs are often considered unique tokens that represent unique digital goods, and this has always been their primary selling point. But this also brings challenges, especially when selling high-priced NFTs. With Unicly, users will have the possibility to own a fraction of the NFT and then access more liquidity. The channel will launch uTokens, which will give holders of these NFTs the right to vote on whether to sell or hold.
Top 10 NFT projects worth paying attention to (Uniicly official website)
Terra Virtua At first glance, Terra Virtua may look a lot like Decentraland. However, Terra Virtua offers a different experience than the latter. Terra Virtua is an augmented virtual reality platform that allows the sale, collection and creation of NFTs.
Terra Virtua will allow users to purchase or create NFT environments, such as racetracks and virtual lounges, and populate them with collectible NFTs made, earned or purchased.
Terra Virtua offers collectibles from entertainment franchises such as Pacific Rim and Lost in Space. Terra Virtua is built for collectors to display and explore their collections, all in a secure environment guaranteed by a blockchain decentralized system.
Ten NFT projects worthy of attention Hoard PlatformHoard Platform has announced the launch of an NFT marketplace, where users can lend, lease, and buy and sell NFTs. Lenders can issue premium stablecoin loans while using NFTs as pawns.
Hoard also supports HRD pawns, users can become liquidity providers for decentralized exchanges such as Uniswap, and get UNI v2 tokens, handling fees and other rewards.
Hoard aims to connect its NFT marketplace and software development. This shared value proposition will be accomplished by providing the infrastructure to integrate in-game items onto the Ethereum blockchain.
Hoard SDK is a software development kit provided by Hoard, an easy-to-use open source tool that can integrate any game with its blockchain. This tool will ensure that game developers can continue to trade with NFTs without getting bogged down when trying to become experts in the field of blockchain coding.
In-game possessions such as virtual real estate or collectibles can now be easily tokenized, making it easier for players to buy and sell items.
Ten NFT projects worth paying attention to (Hoard official website)
After all, there are encryption experts and analysts who believe that 2021 is attributed to NFTs. By now, some intentions have also suggested that the speculation is not far-fetched.
Whether it’s the millions of NFT artworks that have been sold (the largest being Beeple’s $69 million artwork), or the development of multiple NFT channels, it’s proof that NFTs are here to stay.
Now NFT is still in the early stage, and there are still many shortcomings that need to be improved. I hope that the entire profession can work together and move forward together.


2020 年,加密金融全面复苏,最重要的议题便是 DeFi。到了 2021 年,热点轮转到非同质化代币(NFT)。

NFT 并非新事物。可是,直到根据以太坊的游戏《加密猫》正式推出, 关于 NFT 的想法才得以完成。

从那以后,NFT 狂潮席卷而来,一些共同的收藏品评价急速上升。来自全球的艺术家、艺人、名人和其他知名人士的发声,也推动 NFT 取得更高的知名度,就连苏富比和佳士得等传统组织也开端入局这一范畴。

有着 15 年从业经验的金融分析师、宏观经济专家 Luis Aureliano 表示,NFT 使得区块链与普罗大众更为靠近。“尽管加密钱银功用越来越多,但由于招引力有限,其选用气势缓慢。NFT 成功地招引了人们的兴趣,必定程度上要归功于很多名人代言,引起了主流社会的重视。”

在 Luis 看来 NFT 背后的渠道是其创新的堡垒,而不断上涨的原生代币价格则反映了渠道的受重视度。

“当一些 NFT 渠道首次出现时,它们的产品被认为是毫无用处的。现在,跟着流行文化、艺术和收藏进入他们的生态系统,提高区块链的参与度,这些组织笑到了终究。相应的代币估值也照应了这一实际,并预示了 NFT 的未来的增加潜力。

下面这十个 NFT 项目及其代币值得要点重视。由于它们的前进和办理作业,为区块链的可用性和覆盖面开辟了新纪元。

LeCube 是链游老兵 MixMarvel 行将正式上线的新品。该团队的曾在 2018 年出品《云斗龙》等多款火爆链游,一度超越《加密猫》。

LeCube 主打 NFT 社区发明以及 NFT+DeFi 的新玩法,旨在改变现在 NFT 定价不成熟以及一致快速丢失等窘境。

首要,玩家能够向智能合约中质押恣意加密钱银来取得 Cube。在「发明中心」中,玩家用 Cube 能够拼成 NFT著作。该 NFT 著作能够被放到「商场」进行出售。也能够将其放到「版权中心」,供其他玩家付费引证。先放入版权中心的著作能够被优先引证。整个 NFT 的建立,都是在链上进行,每个元素到著作都是原生的区块链财物,整个发明进程都是在链上。

现在 LeCube 处于测试阶段,今年 Q2 将正式上线。从 3 月开端,MixMarvel 的原生代币 MIX 开端飞速上涨,涨幅一度超越 4 倍,也显现了商场对其新品的期待与认可。


(LeCube 测试网页面)


Decentraland 是一个去中心化的在线虚拟实际游戏渠道,2018年项目建议,但 2020 年才终究上线。该渠道根据以太坊构建,首要方针是支撑虚拟产业的创立、开发、出售和保管。

在 Decentraland 上,用户能够购买虚拟产业开展在线和虚拟业务。渠道上的虚拟土地能够用来制作不同的结构,这些结构能够被代币化或出售以取得利润。

LAND,是一种 ERC-721代币,是渠道上代表土地的不可替代财物。整个游戏中的 LAND 有 9 万个,巨细为 33*33 英尺。不过,LAND 的高度是没有限制的。因而理论上说,一切者能够持续制作更高的修建物。

就像在实在的城市中一样,LAND 的集合形成了一个区域,一组具有类似主题的修建。MANA是 Decentraland 的原生代币,选用 ERC-20 规范,它赋予了用户对其区域相关事项的投票权。除此之外,它还能够用来购买 LAND 和渠道上的其他虚拟服务和财物,现在价格是 0.9858美元。

LAND 在 Decentrland 上用途十分广,咱们现已看到 Rarible、SuperRare、MakerDAO等区块链公司将他们的 LAND 地块用于虚拟办公室和画廊,也有些用户将其用于虚拟会议和现场活动。



这是另一个面向游戏玩家的区块链技能渠道。Enjin 本质上是一个供用户存储和办理游戏中运用的虚拟财物的场所。因而,无论是代表游戏中物品(如配件或兵器))的NFT,仍是游戏中的钱银,都能够在 Enjin 上存储、办理和出售。

Enjin 根据以太坊构建,原生加密钱银是 ENJ。用户能够创立数字财物,并将其整合到他们需求的运用和游戏中,并且能够定制财物到需求的渠道上作业。这些财物以 ENJ 进行评价,现在 ENJ 价格为 2.39 美元。能够为多种游戏环境铸造数字财物,是 Enjin 的价值所在。现在,该渠道现已与微软等首要巨头合作,他们认识到该渠道能够为其生态系统带来的巨大潜力和价值。



Ethernity Chain 是现在最抢手的 NFT 渠道之一,其代币 ERN 在 3 月取得大幅上涨。

在 2021 年 3 月 8 日推出后,ERN 首发价格为 0.275 美元;但在 Polkastarter 上进行IDO 后,ERN 价格很快上涨到 3.5 美元;接下来五天,买卖价格上涨到 33 美元,并在 3 月 27 日达到 74 美元的历史最高价;尽管此后价格跌至 38.7 美元,但 ERN 在不到一个月的时间里的价格轨道表明其潜力巨大。

Ethernity Chain 是一个经过 NFT 出售运动卡、收藏品和数字艺术品的数字艺术商场。其方针是将部分收益用于协助慈善组织,促进社会公益。它还协助艺术家和其他发明者拍卖他们的著作,并将部分收益捐给艺术家所挑选的慈善组织。

Ethernity 还在持续开展,最近它宣告著名数字艺术品的发明者Jason Hauser合作,向授权革新方向迈出了一大步。



Theta 区块链是一个根据区块链技能的去中心化视频渠道,旨在经过鼓励用户在网络上同享其带宽来处理流媒体职业的问题,用户能够取得 THETA 代币作为报答。该项目成立于 2018年,现已取得三星电子和索尼公司的风投基金的支撑,这些都表明它得到了首要职业参与者的支撑。作为唯一的去中心化视频流媒体和传输的端到端渠道,Theta 拥有巨大的潜力。

THETA 现在价格是 11.79 美元,跟着 Theta 区块链的不断开展,还有更多的提升空间。风趣的是,THETA 曾一度跻身市值排名前十的加密财物,也表明晰其开展潜力巨大。



另一个值得重视的 NFT 渠道是 SuperFarm。它的创立者将其描述为一个跨链 DeFi 协议,它能够将恣意代币转换为 NFT 农场,而无需任何编码,这将处理许多加密项目为其根底财物和代币创立运用场景的难题。该渠道包括一系列东西,项目能够运用这些东西为代币增加实用性并鼓励行为。

SuperFarm 代币现在的买卖价格为 2.77 美元,是一个月前的两倍多,由于越来越多的人开端认识到它的实用性和价值。运用 SuperFarm 进行收益耕耘以及 NFT 挖矿的便利性,使其成为一个了不得的渠道。它的用户体会十分超卓,其 NFT 根底设施也很全面,该渠道拥有:

NFT 商场:答应用户买卖 NFT 财物的商场。

NFT 和 ERC-20 代币生成:生成 NFT 和 ERC-20 代币以发动定制化挖矿。

NFT 挖矿:典当 SUPER 代币并取得 SuperFarm 合作伙伴挖矿池中的独家NFT奖赏。

NFT 多元世界游戏:结合 NFT 和 SuperFarm 的可互操作的元世界视频游戏。



KIWIE 是一个数字艺术商场,经过 NFT 出售街头艺术品。关于绘制的每一幅街头艺术品,还将创立与之匹配的数字艺术品,并添加包含实物坐标的 NFT。但凡在这个渠道上购买数字艺术品的人,也就拥有了这幅街头艺术品。一旦街头艺术品被从头喷漆或销毁,数字艺术品就会永久转化为幻影版别(ghost version)。

这个渠道上的一切艺术品都是以 Fat Monster(胖怪物)为原型发明,渠道的方针是在 195 个国家拥有艺术品。


(Fat Monster)

另一个值得重视的 NFT 渠道是 Unicly。尽管它还没有发布,但该渠道在 NFT 商场的潜力现已预示着其将在未来取得成功。

Unicly 的卖点在于它能够将 NFT 拆分。NFT 通常被认为是代表唯一数字财物的唯一代币,这也一直是它们的首要卖点。但这也带来不小的挑战,尤其是在出售高价 NFT 时。有了Unicly,用户将有或许拥有 NFT 的一小部分,然后取得更多的流动性。该渠道将推出 uTokens,它将赋予这些 NFT 的持有者投票权,决定是出售仍是持有。


(Unicly 官网)
Terra Virtua

乍一看,Terra Virtua 或许看起来很像 Decentraland。可是,Terra Virtua 供给的体会与后者并不相同。Terra Virtua是一个增强虚拟实际渠道,答应出售、收集和发明NFT。

Terra Virtua 将答应用户购买或创立 NFT 环境,如赛车场和虚拟休息室,并在其间填充制作、赚取或购买的可收集的NFT。

Terra Virtua 供给来自诸如《环太平洋》和《迷失太空》等娱乐特许经营权的收藏品。Terra Virtua 是为收藏家建立的,以展示和探索他们的收藏品,一切这些都是在区块链去中心化系统保障的安全环境中进行的。


Hoard Platform 已宣告推出 NFT 商场,用户能够在其间贷款、租赁和买卖 NFT。贷款人能够在运用 NFT 作为典当品的同时,发放有溢价的稳定币贷款。

Hoard 还支撑 HRD 典当,用户能够成为 Uniswap 等去中心化买卖所的流动性供给者,取得 UNI v2 代币、手续费以及其他奖赏。

Hoard 旨在将其 NFT 商场和软件开发联系起来。这种共同的价值主张将经过供给根底设施,将游戏中的项目整合到以太坊区块链上来完成。

Hoard SDK是 Hoard 供给的软件开发套件,它是一个易于运用的开源东西,能够将任何游戏与其区块链整合。该东西将确保游戏开发人员在尝试成为区块链编码范畴的专家时,能够持续与 NFT 进行买卖而不会陷入窘境。




有加密专家和分析师认为,2021 年是归于 NFT 的。到现在为止,一些意向也表明,这种猜测并不是不着边际的。

无论是现已售出的数百万件 NFT 艺术品(最大的是 Beeple 的 6900 万美元的艺术品),仍是多个 NFT 渠道的开展,都证明了 NFT 已成气候。

现在 NFT 还处于前期阶段,还有很多亟待完善的不足之处。希望整个职业能共同携手,砥砺前行。